Soft? Who’s Soft

President Obama zinged Americans yesterday when he accused us of being soft. “This is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we need over the last couple of decades,” he told an interviewer in Orlando.

His comments seemed a little hard. Consider the people looking for work, some of them for two or three years. They’re still hanging in there. Or the men who went off to fight that kinetic military action in Afghanistan or Libya; they’re not soft. How about the firefighters and policemen who valiantly went into the Trade Centers and the Special Forces who stormed Osama’s hideout, giving Obama a boost. What about Brian Terry, the border agent who was killed by one of the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious guns? How about the soldiers returning to the U.S. minus a limb?

Soft? Here’s soft:

Vacationing and dining on tony Martha’s Vineyard while the country plunges into a double dip recession.

Growing up in Hawaii and attending the bests schools and colleges on someone else’s dime.

Dining on Wagyu beef and lobster at Wednesday night parties for your friends at the White House.

Keeping the Oval Office 80 degrees in the winter time.

Spending $10 million dollars in a year for family vacations, taking the most expensive suites for you and 600 others in a posh hotel.

Refusing to dine on anything but organic vegetables grown by others in “your” own White House Garden.

Having Rezko and others find and finance a house for you in Chicago.

Getting Bill Ayers to finish your “autobiography” since you can’t do it well yourself.

Arranging for private shopping trips for Michelle and the girls in Paris, asking for stores to open especially for you.

Playing golf for hours every weekend, even though pressing business awaits.

Preferring to take separate planes to your vacation site because otherwise you’d have to wait an hour or two for your spouse.

I could go on.

Soft? Maybe a few hard facts next November will help redefine these terms for you.

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