Jobless Claims and O Presser

This morning the jobless claims weighed in at 401,000. Supposedly this is up just 6,000; in reality it is up 10,000 because last week’s 391,000 was revised up to 395,000 today. Oh, well.

Some analysts were applauding this. Really? It’s the 26th consecutive week of claims of 395,000. This is progress? It also shows that 1.6 million people have now dropped from the extended benefits rolls because they hit the 99 week limit and this in one year. They join a 99ers group that is now 7 million people.

Obama is at his press conference excoriating Republicans for not wanting his jobs bill. Here’s a news flash: the Democrats don’t want it either or they would have introduced it in the House. When he frames it in terms of Republicans not wanting to build bridges or not wanting teachers to be employed it’s ludicrous. We don’t want consumer protections either or correcting financial abuses on Wall Street. Next, we’ll be trying to kill granny. Oh, wait – we did that with Medicare and Social Security, didn’t we?

This press conference is rambling and full of platitudes. He hasn’t said anything new. “Pay their fair share,” “abuses that got us into this mess in the first place,” the “Buffett rule.”

Holder has been very aggressive in going after gun running in Mexico? He would have been very unhappy to find out that this had been going on, Obama said. Of the Occupy Wall Street protestors he said “I’ve heard of it, I’ve seen it on television.” Noticeably absent was any condemnation of them. Solyndra? Basically he said sometimes tax payers just have to take a loss and move on. For the rest he blamed John Boehner and said it’s all Congress’ fault.

It was really a glorified campaign experience. He even managed to work in his slogan, “Winning the Future.”

If I had been a reporter there I’d have had one question: Do you take any blame for this economy? I know, he’d weasel out of it. But it would have been fun to see the squirming.

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