Our two Republican candidates in yesterday’s city elections both won last night. In fact, they won overwhelmingly.

Because of efforts by Shelby Republicans, they were able to defeat their Democrat rivals. People stuffed envelopes, made phone calls, put up campaign signs and donated for letters to be sent in our neighborhoods. Special thanks go to Ruth Henderson, Cile Brooks, Alex Mahone and Tommy Parker for their donations.

Another factor in victory could have national implications. In such a heavily Democrat city, Conrad and Boyd managed to win even though union money was used against them. It would appear that union influence is waning, and even better, becoming a turn-off to voters.

The Commercial Appeal pointed out the money that unions had put behind candidates and even waged against Mayor Wharton before the election. They evidently thought it was an important factor. However, there is backlash against the tactics of the unions as seen in Wisconsin and the lavish benefits that they award themselves while crying poor.

The Occupy Wall Street protestors could have negative implications for Democrats. Remember 1968? The riots in Chicago hurt Humphrey and thrust Nixon into the role of uniter. We know how that turned out.

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