Barbour Did Not Endorse Cain

Last night Channel 5’s Janice Broach gave a report and claimed that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour had endorsed Herman Cain. She cited his appearance on the Laura Ingraham radio show.

Funny, I had listened to it yesterday but missed the endorsement. Why? Because there wasn’t one.

Barbour told Ingraham that his wife and son liked Herman Cain. He talked about how Cain has linked into Republicans’ desire for a straight talker. Barbour went on to say, though, that Governor Perry was a friend and had done a good job in Texas. He contradicted Ingraham on her criticism that Perry did not lay out a specific economic plan at the Bloomberg debate. As Barbour said, you can’t do much in a 60 or 90 second answer. He said he did not think that was the proper venue and that very few, including himself, watched the debate on the obscure Bloomberg channel.

There was no formal endorsement. Barbour added that at this point, 90% of the campaigning is still to come.

Yet, Janice Broach noted that Barbour said Cain “could sweep the South” and “It is the first time Barbour, a former national Republican Party chairman who once considered running for the White House, has endorsed anyone for the GOP nomination.”

Sounded good, but isn’t true. If it were, there would be an announcement by the Cain camp and press releases from each office. Governor Barbour is too careful a politician to endorse someone this early.

Interestingly, Karl Rove told Lou Dobbs last night that Cain might have trouble because he has no organization behind him. Rove pointed out that Cain was campaigning in Tennessee and Texas now and that is not where a serious candidate, with the primaries so close, would be.

This leaves the possibility that Cain is actually thinking of being the vice president. As Rush Limbaugh has said, there has been a lack of criticism between the two. Romney has not hit Cain hard, nor has Cain hit Romney. Could it be he’s jockeying for the veep spot?

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