Thoughts on the Debate

Perry did better than expected. I liked his feisty quality. He was a presence this time. Perry was right about the 9-9-9 plan; it will boost everyone’s sales tax to an insupportable level. He hinted that he will be introducing his next economic plan Friday and that it will be based on a flat tax. Not a surprise, really, in that Steve Forbes is advising him on it.

All I got out of Cain was you can’t mix apples and oranges. He seemed to flub in trying to explain his plan. Who wants to pay almost 20% sales tax in Tennessee? Or any sales tax in tax free New Hampshire? I don’t see them going with this plan. It truly will hurt lower and middle income people. And what of sales of used goods? That is something unclear in his plan. The vagaries of it would lead to bartering and finding ways around the law. Plus, who thinks he could get it through Congress? He has no legislative record. Sorry, but business is not the same as working with the opposition.

Some say Newt won the debate. Perhaps. He is intelligent and has steeped himself in issues via his foundation. But I can’t get the picture of him on a couch with Nancy Pelosi, pushing for global warming initiatives, out of my mind. I believe he did it with Al Sharpton, too. Ugh. Newt also has a proclivity for self destruction. He has a talent for saying the odd thing that gets him in trouble. His personal finances are also grist for the rumor mill. He didn’t strike me as highly successful in dealing with Clinton when he was Speaker. Clinton outmaneuvered him every time. Not a good omen for working with the media and the Democrats.

Romney seemed flustered when accosted with illegal immigration employment and Romneycare. Sparring with Perry, methinks Romney doth protest too much. He said Massachusetts residents preferred his Romneycare 3 to 1. Where did he pull that number out of? He criticized Perry and Santorum for interrupting, but when on to hog time and to jab every chance he had.

Ron Paul didn’t seem to lose an eyebrow this time. His thoughts on the economy are good, but when it comes to foreign policy, he’s a disaster. Does he think all the bad players will go away because he wants them to? Very naive.

It was great to have Huntsman absent. He’s already out of money. Santorum did well, but he’s out of money, too. He didn’t win his home state in the last election; he wouldn’t win it in 2012. Michele Bachmann always comports herself well, but her chances seem slim, too.

The questions this time had a better range of issues. Anderson Cooper did pretty well handling the candidates. It would be nice if there were fewer players on the stage. There really isn’t time to get into anything in detail.

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