Her Blind Side

Memphian Kathy Bates turned up on Piers Morgan’s CNN show recently and demonstrated how completely ignorant she is.

Watch this clip in which she makes the odd logical jump that she grew up in Memphis, so of course, she voted for Obama. Try to follow her logic in the rest of her argument – if you don’t want stupid to rub off on you.


She’s apolitical; but probably a Democrat. Her dad wouldn’t let a black person stay with them, but his advice should be followed later, i.e. stand up to the rat bastards? Why didn’t he follow his own advice and do that if he had principals in early 1968?

Bates was “galvanized” by the election which was “so emotional to me?” Maybe she should have used her brain and checked the facts about then Senator Obama. His lack of leadership, his voting present in the state senate, his glib, but meaningless speeches, his endorsement of Reverend Wright told me a lot and presaged the kind of poor president he has become.

And, oh, Kat – newsflash: the “rat bastards on Wall Street” are some of his best friends and have given him more money than all the Republican candidates combined. They own him. Ever hear of a quid pro quo? Probably not. How about Freddie and Fannie, the housing bubble, guaranteed loans, mortgage backed securities, Dodd-Frank to name a few?

Wonder if Ms. Bates feels her earnings are too much. Doubtful. And Kath, next time, please leave off your hometown; we have enough problems without you claiming us.

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