Are We Watching a New China Syndrome?

The soap opera that is the Herman Cain story this week requires almost hourly updates. We find out something new throughout the day. For Cain, this is not good. Like the famous movie about a nuclear plant, we may be witnessing Cain’s slow meltdown.

The “Cain train” has conducted itself poorly from the story’s departure. First, one of his managers stoked the fire on Geraldo’s show by avoiding any definitive answers. Then, Cain himself has fueled the narrative by buttonholing everyone he could find with a microphone. That has exposed some inconsistencies that should be troubling to any Republican. Last night, his chief manager, Mark Block, went on Special Report and looked like an ass. He deflected host Bret Baier’s questions to read from his notes and pin the blame on the Perry campaign without a shred of evidence.

All this has accomplished is to keep the story alive.

Three accusers have surfaced and it looks like it’s getting bigger. An Iowa radio host has come out to say he did not like what he saw when Cain came on his show. Steve Deace told Politico in an email that he witnessed “awkward and inappropriate things he’s said to two females on my staff.” He didn’t like the fact that “the guy’s wife is never around…that’s almost always a warning flag to me.”

A GOP pollster who did work at the National Restaurant Association said that he saw things Cain did in the 90s to sexually harass women. Chris Wilson told Politico about an incident in the neighborhood where Cain kept an apartment. “This occurred at a restaurant in Crystal City (Va.), and everybody was aware of it. It was only a matter of time because so many people were aware of what took place so many people were aware of her situation, that fact she left – everybody knew with the campaign that this would eventually come up…It was very uncomfortable,” he said, recalling that other people there asked Cain to stop.

Pajamas Media says today that sources have stepped forward to give some details on one of the incidents. “Herman took advantage of seniority and power with a young woman. It was an abuse of power.” He/she continues to say that the young woman was scared. “Who do you believe, a CEO or a mid-level staffer? It was unsettling for her to make charges.”

PJM continues “According to both sources, Mr. Cain and the woman had been with a large group for a long evening of food and drink at the Ciao Baby Cucina, a restaurant near NRA headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C. This was a normal routine, as the trade association worked with the food and beverage industry. Afterwards, Mr. Cain allegedly took the woman by taxi to his apartment, where she spent the night and woke up in his bed….Several days after the alleged incident, the male source witnessed the woman returning to her workplace ‘distraught. She was very upset’…the NRA’s human resources office held many closed door meetings that included her. The woman’s parents retained legal counsel and arranged an undisclosed financial settlement.”

There are hints there is more out there. Perhaps that is why the Cain people have decided to attack the messenger and deflect interest from the real issue. It’s a classic ploy that when you’re attacked you turn to the other guy and say look what he did. It doesn’t seem like a very good long term plan.

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