Texas Toast

They say things are bigger in Texas and Gov. Rick Perry may have proved that last night at the debate. Perry made the biggest debate error in recent history when he couldn’t recall the third government agency he would eliminate.

It was a brain freeze of massive proportions and one that the public will not soon forget, especially when the TV shows will replay it again and again.

It’s a shame really, because of all the candidates, Perry may have the most conservative plan and the best record of governance. But if you can’t combine that with a winning strategy in today’s atmosphere of “American Idol” popularity, you won’t win.

It’s a shame, too, that so much emphasis is put on debates. Presidents don’t govern via debates. They must have a vision, work with Congress and be tough with international leaders, none of which manifests itself in a debate.

We have gone overboard on the number of them, too. They have become circular firing squads. Our side does not profit by handing our best candidates over to liberal networks to hack and skewer them. It’s too late to do much about it now, but perhaps in the future we’ll winnow these down.

Who gets the nomination? It’s still in flux. There will be more hits on Cain for sure and Gingrich will be bloodied, too. As for Romney, the mainstream media may leave him alone for now, but should he be the nominee, the liberals will throw everything at him – his Obamacare precursor of Romneycare, his Mormonism, his money making time at Bain capital, complete with his dollar clutching picture.

It won’t be pretty.

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