Rush Goes Back to School

He goes back to Memphis City Schools that is in his opening monologue today. He had mentioned the story in the Commercial Appeal by Jane Roberts last week that told of MCS serving dinner to poor students. (Story detailed in this blog below.) Today, he had sound bites from Channel 5 anchor Ursula Madden and reporter Anna Marie Hartman.

Madden referred to “Rush Limbaugh’s rant” and Hartman said she had tried to get in touch with him at the EIB network to no avail. Memphis City Schools told Hartman they “would not dignify it” by commenting on Limbaugh’s thoughts.

Rush said that now makes three female reporters who don’t know what the story is really about. He decried the fact that none of them bothered to get a dissenting opinion or opposing view, something journalists are supposed to do.

He again asked where are the parents in all of this and why not a story about them?

Limbaugh cautioned Memphians not to count on our local media. “They will mislead you.” To them “the story is about compassion; it’s really about the labor movement angling for more dues, more benefits” courtesy of you, the taxpayer. “The SEIU wants it (dinner) so more people are hired, they get more dues and they turn it around and give it to the Democrat party.”

He continued, “I don’t mean to harp on this but one more thought. Why are we giving 48% of the people food stamps? Then we feed them dinner, too? Why both?”

After a break Limbaugh had one more comment. He noted that Men’s Health magazine said “Memphis is the fifth fattest city in the nation.” They determine this from the number of overweight people, people with diabetes, money spent on junk food, the number of times people eat fast food and time people say they spend on the couch. It is ironic.

The bad news in all of this has to be for Wendi Thomas. She must feel irrelevant. Yesterday she ranted in her column in the Commercial Appeal about Rush and the dinner issue and he doesn’t even mention her.

That must bite.

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