Much to Give Thanks For

Marcus Luttrell is a great hero. His book, “Lone Survivor,” detailed his experience in Afghanistan. A Navy Seal, he and his team were dropped into Afghanistan to find a war leader. In the search, he and four others came across a goatherd. They suspected he was Taliban, but did not kill him because they were not sure and feared the media would blow the whole thing out of proportion if they did and were found out. The men feared they would be put on trial.

Subsequently, they let him go. The goatherd was Taliban, tipped off the enemy and the four of the Seals were ambushed and killed. Only Luttrell survived. When a helicopter was sent looking for the men, the Taliban blew it up and killed 16 more of our soldiers.

How Luttrell made it to safety is a gripping story. His is the only book that when I got halfway through I couldn’t stop and read the rest of it in one sitting. There was talk of a movie – and it would be a fantastic one – but Hollywood’s dislike of our military, the war and George W. Bush made sure that didn’t happen.

Enjoy this Thanksgiving message from Luttrell.

P.S. A few years after Luttrell made a recovery from this incident he retired to his ranch with his dog. A car full of youths came and shot his dog to death, prompting Luttrell to take chase. Gov. Perry was a big help to Marcus at this time, even inviting him to live at his home for a while, which Luttrell did. You don’t hear that side of him on the campaign trail.

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