Cocky Cohen

Fresh off his Democrat primary victory, Congressman Steve Cohen wasted no time praising himself and dismissing his Republican opponent, Charlotte Bergmann.

He has already assumed that he will have a third term and looks to tackle the issues of infant mortality, employment discrimination and jobs.

Question: What has he done in his first two terms besides push for more women’s restrooms in public facilities and try to join the Congressional Black Caucus? I think the infant mortality rate and lack of jobs here have been growing since he went to D.C.

As for Bergmann, Cohen calls her a “right winger” and refuses to debate her because of her “agenda.” Ludicrously, he says that she can’t possibly understand the African American voter as well as he does.


Whenever someone refuses to debate his opponent, you have to ask what they are afraid of. If she’s that out of touch with Memphians he should relish the opportunity to show this in a debate.

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  1. As a voter in Midtown, please tell me what is the back ground of Ms. Bergmann and Mr. Cohen? What offices have they held, what contributions to the community have they supported and what do they propose for the benefit of the city and the country? I would appreciate your comment so that I can make an informed decision as to my vote.

    I appreciate you factual input.

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