Thoughts on the Debate

Saturday night ABC took its turn at hosting a presidential debate. Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos moderated. Could Sawyer be more irritating? Her saccharin demeanor doesn’t hide her real bent. You know she despises everyone up on the stage.

Romney needs to chill. His mouth runs so fast he seems to huff and puff his way to his point. His attempt to claim he’s against Obamacare always falls flat.

Ron Paul got off track on the fidelity to the wife question. The Patriot Act? How does that fit in with character? He sounded like a ranting grandpa.

Newt must feel uneasy about his citizen review board for immigration because he started off with “First of all.” It’s always a sign he is weak in his thoughts about it. Then he mentioned deportation. I think that was absent earlier. Sawyer trotted in the number from the Pew Center – 3.5 million people could be applicable for his board judges. Newt squirmed by disputing the number. You see, he was uncomfortable with this issue. Diane gave up.

Perry scored with the immigration when he said he would not do to Arizona what the Obama administration is doing. He referred to enforcing laws on the book, but says to secure the border first.

Paul fumed about all that “mess” in the Middle East. He’s too busy for it! Leave it to the people who are involved. So let one get a nuke and that’s a “conversation” starter for them? A hulluva “chat” that would be.

Romney wouldn’t call the Palestinians an ‘invented people.’ As he said that Newt had that distractingly smug look. But Newt’s right about them. Romney criticized Newt on speaking for Israel. They both claimed they have known Bibi Netanyahu for a longtime in a comeupsmanship that looked childish, particularly on Romney’s part.

Thunderous applause when Perry spoke about the issue, defending Newt and attacking Obama.

Newt and Romney both tried to disavow their health care stances. Newt claimed he was only acting because of Hillarycare in the 90s and tried to frame his recent defense of it as a response to that. Funny, at the time Hillarycare’s demise no one moved for more changes. The zombie came back anyhow. Romney made his absurd bet that Perry’s fact on his earlier book was wrong and Perry deftly skirted that. Mitt looked desperate at that point.

Michele Bachmann sucked up to the Cain supporters twice. She mentioned his 9-9-9 plan early and returned to it at the end of the debate. Her obvious courting of Cain voters was blatant.

They’ll have another chance to go at it on Thursday when Fox News Channel hosts the next debate.

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