Dim Bulbs Rule

Saturday I went into our Midtown Home Depot to buy some incandescent light bulbs. In case you don’t know it, the 100 watt bulb will no longer be sold after December 31. You will have to buy either a halogen one or a CFL – both at a much greater cost – on New Year’s Day.

Home Depot had 16 bulbs for $2.99. When a store employee saw me buying them she said we could get a pack of CFLs for a penny at the checkout. I guess they’re not going over very well for the store to offer that. I confessed to her that I didn’t want one – even if it was free. Surprisingly, she nodded in agreement and offered that she, too, had been stocking up on the incandescents.

I purchased Phillips and avoided the GE brand. GE is one of the big pushers behind the switch. They stand to make a lot of money from it because the new ones, which seem to be all poorly made in China, cost about a dollar more each bulb.

We have, unfortunately, President Bush and Congress to thank for the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act. This year we lose the 100 watt; the 60 follows and there will be no 40 watts in 2014.

It was a dumb idea by a bunch of dim bulbs. The projected carbon dioxide emissions savings for the world will register about 1%; they conveniently forget about the great hazards the mercury in the CFLs pose. You’ll need a hazmat team or instructions should you drop one of them in your house.

Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn worked to overcome this bill this summer, but she wasn’t able to get enough votes to stop this stupidity.

I hope she perseveres. In the meantime, our household will continue to burn incandescents for as long as my stock holds out. Who knows what this new era means? Perhaps we’ll have a Prohibition effect. If so, drop your gold buying and scoop up the bulbs.

Ridiculous that a country of “free” people is regulated to this degree. It’s a shame.

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