Big Disqualifier for Romney, Gingrich

A poll by the AP has just come out that shows Americans are even more dug in against Obamacare than when it was passed.

Even though Democrats were told it would gain in popularity, it clearly has not. The poll finds only 29% support it. Of those, only 13% strongly support it.

On the flip side, 71% oppose it, with 33% strongly opposed. That’s more than double the strong support.

The AP asked “Do you think the Federal Government should have the power to require all Americans to buy health insurance and to pay a fine if they don’t or do you think the Federal Government should not have that power?” A whopping 84% say no, they should not have that power; 15% say the government can compel citizens to purchase health care.

If Romney or Gingrich is the nominee, a big advantage for Republicans will be taken away. Obama will dote on how similar Romneycare is to his and that, indeed, Romney’s advisors went to the White House to help the administration craft Obamacare.

Gingrich’s approval of the individual mandate will also negate his advantage in opposing Obama. Only, for many Americans, Gingrich is a lot less likeable, with a lot more baggage than Obama.

Both Romney and Gingrich supporters ask the primary voter to forget their views. There is a battle going on in Republican circles to overlook this and get with an “electable” candidate. However, neither seems particularly electable to me. If a politician is going to flip this easily, how can he be trusted to carry out a conservative agenda in the White House, when he is being pushed hard by media, lobbyists, fellow politicians and historians?

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