Is the Union Grinch Stealing Christmas?

Have you noticed your Christmas mail lately has been light or are you waiting for packages that should have arrived days ago?

Last night Channel 5 led the 10 p.m. newscast with a story that as many as 50 trucks full of mail and packages were waiting 12 hours to unload their cargoes.

David Walton of USPS denied that the closing of three post offices earlier in the year had something to do with the backlog, but that seems illogical.

Perhaps there are some union shenanigans going on. Many postal employees will lose their jobs due to cutbacks and the budget has targeted post offices around the country for closures. Perhaps this is a way for union workers to get their point across that they don’t want the cutbacks.

The way the unions are operating in this country lately tells me they are prepared to fight hard.

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