Let’s Lie

Have you seen or heard the following ad? It’s for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” effort. There are similar ones playing on the radio, too.

When I first heard it I was taken aback. Watch it and see if you have the same reaction I did.

In other words, deception is fine for kids. What kind of dysfunctional family is this? If the mother can only get obedience by lying to her child, I’d say there’s more problems in their relationship than a twinkie or chips adding an extra pound or two.

Couldn’t mom just suggest that the girl call up a friend and go bike riding? Arrange for a trip to a pool? Ask her to walk the dog?

It’s very instructive to the American people that this is how Michelle Obama thinks. It’s positively Machiavellian. You can lie or cheat as long as the outcome is for the greater good. Kids and citizens are really not in a position to know what’s best for them. Let the Mommy state or nanny state direct your decisions.

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad can go eat a butter sampler at a swank Hawaiian restaurant. Rules are not made for them.

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