Random Thoughts on Iowa

Michele Bachmann has bowed out; goes to show you how little the Ames Straw Poll means.

In fact, the whole Iowa thing is vastly overrated. C. Edmund Wright at the Americanthinker.com wrote (before the vote even) that “Iowa should not matter.” Wright is right. Caucus goers number 120,000; that’s half of New Hampshire’s voters. And New Hampshire’s voters are half of South Carolina’s and South Carolina’s are just a quarter of Florida’s turnout. That puts Iowa’s importance in perspective.

It’s also an odd state, not really representative of Republicans. They have an overemphasis on evangelicals. They are a dovish, quasi-isolationist contingent, not in keeping with Republican themes. They went for Obama in 2008. They are addicted to their ethanol subsidies. Perhaps it’s no accident that the two most vocal supporters of ethanol, Romney and Santorum, won the vote. How many independents or Democrats voted? Iowa’s voting policy is not very restrictive.

It wasn’t much of a victory for Romney. Eight votes, really? After all that money? There was even some confusion about finding late votes. That never makes you feel comfortable about the ethics involved. I understand that the votes he got last night were less than he got in 2008. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Actually, it is somewhat embarrassing.

Perry is not quitting. This is good. He may capture some of Bachmann’s votes in South Carolina. Iowa should not winnow out all the candidates or else the rest of us are disenfranchised.

Ron Paul proved some of the polls wrong that had him leading. Not a surprise.

Newt promises to go on attack, but not negative. Huh? Can he pull that off?

Obama gave a speech to his caucuses last night. It garnered little enthusiasm. He looked old and one analyst said “like a third world dictator.”

The whole primary system needs an overhaul. Two or three states should not decide the nominee.

There’s still a lot to go, so I hope the rest of the candidates hang in there and do not allow a coronation of Romney.

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