Media-cracy Means Mediocrity

How is it we Republicans find ourselves about to nominate a person who is the Father of Obamacare, a disciple of global warming, a Wall Street capitalist who put thousands out of a job and a flip flopper on abortion? Are we daft or lemmings?

It’s hard to believe it may happen. But, according to analyst Michael Barone after last night’s debate, Mitt Romney may have just won the nomination.

“At about 10:28pm tonight, as Mitt Romney pivoted from a question on tax loopholes and started in with, ‘the real issue is vision,’ I had recorded this thought in my notes, ‘He just clinched the nomination,’” Barone recounts on the Washington Examiner website “Beltway Confidential.”

Just take that in for a moment. One quote about vision after one inconsequential Iowa caucus victory and the Republican half of the country might as well stay home because it’s all over.

No wonder people question the candidates that seek the nomination. They haven’t come up organically but with a lot of manure being spread around by media cultivators.

Perhaps that was the allure of Herman Cain. He got popular because he wasn’t part of a party machine and didn’t get the backing of the Washington “conservative” divas like Barone, Bill Cristal, Karl Rove or Anne Coulter. The latter clearly prefer Romney and directed a lot of their ink that way. They have been pummeling various candidates, trying to persuade us that only Romney is electable. Sure enough, Cain left, to the consternation of his followers, before a vote was even cast.

This technique is still working because as other candidates have come up, pundits have knocked them down. Gingrich may have been the latest victim of that as he saw his top polling status tumble, and Santorum will soon experience it, too.

No matter the fact that Rick Perry has run a big state well for eleven years and has positions that line up with the conservative base, he has been knocked down because he failed the debate test. No matter that the presidency is not a debating endeavor, Perry’s good record has been destroyed by these analysts. He managed to be reelected three times in Texas – I guess there are no half way decent contenders there, is that it? – something Romney could not do after one term.

Friday on his radio show Rush Limbaugh gave the best advice any person can ever give another. That is, be guided by your own perceptions and values and refuse to let others influence you. It used to be an American virtue, a form of individualism that defined us. We weren’t mobs to be manipulated. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

While conservatives rail against the influence of the mainstream media, we have set up our own version of it. What made these people experts? They were disastrously wrong with McCain. Karl Rove was disastrously wrong in handling the Bush administration as he has admitted. Instead of battling back at a media poised to twist anything they could, Rove waved the white flag and let them attack. After eight years of being bloodied, Republicans got rewarded with Obama.

Now it seems that our voters are listening to these “experts” again. It is frustrating to watch as they encourage other candidates to get out of the way and let Romney snag the nomination uncontested.

If we want to have mediocre candidates and mediocre government let the media decide what we want.

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