Class Act

Governor Perry showed himself to be a patriot and a hero this morning when he dropped out of the presidential race. It must have been hard, but it was the right thing.

He did it at a time when it could really matter, too. Gingrich under fire from his ex wife, needs as many votes as he can to beat Romney.

Erick Erickson at Redstate, who has closely followed the Perry campaign writes:

I’m told reliably that Governor Perry will head up a 10th Amendment project for Speaker Gingrich to rally Governors and state legislators toward a plan of devolving power from Washington. This project will include helping shape the Republican platform for the general election, something small government conservatives have been concerned about.

Governor Perry will also campaign for Speaker Gingrich in Texas. Texas has more than enough delegates at 155 (and they are winner take all they are proportional) to offset Newt Gingrich not being on the Virginia ballot, which only has 49 delegates.

Looks like we have a race now.

I also read that the Perry camp was basically out of funds and would have to go into personal debt to continue.

It’s a shame that we have allowed two or three states to determine the nominee of our party for the entire U.S. Obviously, this needs to be changed. The RNC should take a look at how the process operates and disenfranchises so many Americans and fix it.

In my opinion this is also why early voting is not a good idea. If you had early voted in South Carolina you threw your vote away. Every campaign seems to have significant action in the last week. Why would you risk losing your voice by going early unless it was an absolute necessity?

Also, Gov. Perry did the party a favor by entering the race. He obviously helped push it more to the right. His economic plan spurred Gingrich to do a similar one, taking his tax rate down to 15%. His perseverance after his forgetful gaffe was remarkable. The damage control they did was the best I remember seeing and came close to working.

Perry also did not stoop to vicious slanders, probably very tempting considering the target rich environment of Herman Cain, Gingrich’s past and Romney’s Mormonism – something I think will be exploited in the general election.

If there’s any state that is tempting to live in, it is Texas. And it leads the nation because of the good stewardship and guidance of people like Governor Perry.

He was a class act before the race and ends it that way, too.

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