Truth-O-Meter Strikes Again

The Commercial Appeal is enjoying their Truth-O-Meter. They’ve already hit Marsha Blackburn on it and have a special Haslam-O-Meter for our Republican Governor.

Today they turned the Truth-O-Meter on again and guess what? Once again, the Republican failed.

Bart Sullivan decided to attack 9th district Congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann on her billboard which states that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. The PolitiFact Tennessee decided she was wrong.

Interestingly, Ms. Bergmann wrote on her facebook page:

Charlotte Bergmann
Truth O’Meter! ~Another attempt to discredit a Republican. Bart Sullivan with the Commercial Appeal interviewed me concerning my assertion that the EPA is a jobs killer. I presented an over abundance of supporting documentation. He chose to write instead the article posted on my website without talking to me about Dr. Martin Luther King’s Republican status.

So notice that Sullivan did the old switcharoo tactic on her in the interview.

The reporter goes on to consult some experts. Of course, they are people he considers experts. One even admits that “King may have had to register as a Republican to vote in Alabama in the 1950s.” This expert, Dr. Kenneth Goings of Ohio State University said that Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. “was a Republican as were most African Americans in the South until the early 1940s…I have not seen any evidence that MLK Jr. was a Republican, but if he registered to vote it would have been as a Republican in Alabama simply because the Dems would not allow black voters.”

Precisely. So we are expected to believe that the Kings really had their heart with the Democrats, even though they wouldn’t let them vote. Only a liberal could jump that shark.

Are we supposed to believe that the son, so inspired by his father, would not be a Republican too? Put it into context also of Republican President Eisenhower sending troops to Arkansas to be sure black children could go to white schools via Brown V. Board of Education; would either King join the Democrats in opposition?

In Memphis, the highly regarded black civic leader and businessman Robert Church was a Republican. In opposing Democrat Mayor Boss Crump, he suffered. Crump decided to teach him a lesson, ran him out of town, then had the fire department use his house for practice, torching it repeatedly. The lesson wasn’t lost on black Memphians.

If you want to see another source other than Bart Sullivan’s concerning Dr. King and his party affiliation, this video sums it up.

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