Some Perspective on Electability

Riehlworldview has some interesting ideas on electability.

I understand it’s all about Newt vs. Mitt all the time. But I would ask that people think about a the bigger picture. All I’ll say briefly about Newt and electability is, if in 2007 someone told me a black man named Barack Hussein Obama would defeat Hillary Clinton in the Dem primary and John McCain in the general election, I would have said they were crazy. So, please stop telling me you know for a fact what result any match up might produce in November of this year.

We may all think we know, leading to a number of different opinions, but no one knows for a fact.

Politics is about coalitions. Whatever nominee we decide upon for 2012 will be the name and face of things, but what they’ll represent is the broader coalition behind them that elevates them to power. Newt may be an imperfect vessel, frankly, there is no such thing in politics; however, I do see the potential for two critical coalitions to do battle as we go forward in the primary.

Mitt owns the political and financial establishment that has run Washington post-Reagan and gotten us to where we are today. For all his imperfections, I see the possibility for a coalition to come together around Gingrich with names like Tea Party, Palin, Perry, Jindal, the conservative grassroots and Americans just interested in serious political reform. There is also plenty of room for reform-minded evangelicals and libertarians in that coalition, given the various factions and leaders.

None of those groups has enough clout to make much difference in Washington on their own. But together, they can exert enough power to make a difference if they can come together. And the coalition that elevates a politician will get a seat at the table once they are seated. That’s the nature of politics.

At least think about it. Newt may not be your ideal candidate, he’s certainly not mine. But I know that if Romney wins, the ideas and people I most believe in will not have a seat at the table. On the other hand, with Newt Gingrich, I believe they will.

I also believe he can win the general election, just as any other candidate has the potential to win, or lose one race. Just ask President Barack Hussein Obama if you don’t believe me. The Democrat establishment said he couldn’t win in 2008, obviously he did. You’re welcome to hold the opinion that Newt Gingrich can’t defeat him in 2012; I don’t believe Romney can. But please don’t defend your opinion to me as fact unless you have a crystal ball – in that case, email me, I want to talk to you about buying some lottery tickets.

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