Drive By Journalism on 5

Tuesday night at Channel 5’s 10 p.m. newscast, I was aghast to hear Joe Birch read this nugget: “Tea Party activists in Tennessee want to ban the word slavery (he dropped that word as heavily as a two volume encyclopedia onto a library floor) from Tennessee school textbooks. This comes more than one year after Texas schools made massive changes to put slavery in a positive light in textbooks, according to the Huffington Post. Activists also want to remove mentions of the country’s founders being slave owners. Groups in Texas are fighting this measure. We reached out to the local chapter of the NAACP. They had no comment.”

Wow! If you just heard that story like some kind of background noise, you’d think something unbelievably wrong was happening. But is it?

I’m not defending removing the word slavery from textbooks at all. I just wonder if this is true. First, it’s sensational. Often that means that they want to manipulate you into being shocked.

The second dubious statement is Tea Party activists. Doesn’t that seem just a little too convenient for their liberal views? What Tea Party activists? They didn’t name one. Was it one working in his basement, unaffiliated with any national group or was it the chairman for the Tennessee Tea Party? The fact that they don’t identify who wants to ban it arouses my suspicions. This is another version of the anonymous source. Sorry, but that doesn’t wash with me either.

Isn’t it interesting, too, and convenient, to drag Texas into this story? Texas is in liberal crosshairs since they are a successful conservative state. Again I have to ask, what “massive changes?” How did they put slavery “in a positive light?” Am I expected to believe it just because they say so? Why not have an example?

And the Huffington Post as a source? That’s laughable. It’s like uber lefty, George Soros world headquarters. They shoot down every conservative person they can on an hourly basis. Who wrote the story at the Huffington Post? Again, Mr. Anonymous? He sure has been a busy guy.

Mr. Anonymous has anonymous “groups in Texas fighting this measure.” Again, no attribution.

I wasn’t surprised when Birch ended his information free tirade by saying the local NAACP “had no comment.” How could they? There wasn’t anything substantive to comment on.

This was just an everyday example of the kind of disgraceful journalism being practiced today. An anchor spews this story out, gives very little true information, impresses upon the listener that someone is doing something bad, then moves on to the next story. The damage they intended has been done. Onto the next victim.

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