As the Political World Turns

This week has seemed more soap opera than politics as we come down to the Florida primary. Every few hours brings another round of gossip, tales of lies, romance, dirty turns, money and scandal.

Why is this happening now and why with so much vehemence? Conservative and Republican analysts have come out punching in an unprecedented way. Some of my favorites have said things so adamant it’s hard to believe. Who and what to believe?

Here are some questions swirling:

Who’s pushing us so hard to Romney and why? Is money paving the way for Romney? Don’t doubt that a little cash or promise of cash here and there might sway someone to say or write things they would not have done. To someone like Romney, flush with money, it’s probably the first thing he thinks of to advance his strategy. And, hey, it works at times.

What made Nancy Pelosi make her statement that she knows things about Newt that will disqualify him in the general election? If she’s against him, isn’t that a good thing if you’re conservative? And if Nancy Reagan likes Newt, isn’t that a good thing, too?

What about Norm Coleman, working for the Romney campaign, saying that Romney wouldn’t repeal Obamacare? Doesn’t that alarm anyone? Does the fact that Obama used Romneycare as his model and consulted with his advisors get dismissed?

Why have so many come out against Gingrich in the past 48 hours? It smacks of a coordinated hit. Drudge has had negative headlines about him for more than a day. Maybe it’s not surprising considering that Ann Coulter, another Romney supporter who quickly turned to him after touting Christie, is a close friend of Matt Drudge. Should I believe them or Michael Reagan, who has endorsed Gingrich, and certainly knows a Reagan conservative when he sees one?

If Romney is behind the attack on Gingrich, would he be that hard on Obama? Hard to imagine him doing it, especially with the added racism issue.

Why did R. Emmett Tyrrell at the American Spectator write such a hit piece on Gingrich? Another staff writer, Jeffrey Lord, who worked with Reagan disputes any insults coming from Gingrich about Reagan. Tyrrell lost a lot of my respect after he declared – and wrote a book about – the end of the hippie, liberal era. 2008 invalidated him.

Why have Bob Dole, Tom Delay and the National Review guys jumped on board Romney’s attacks? Is there something in it for them? Interestingly, Rupert Murdoch tweeted yesterday “Romney’s tax returns might kill his chances. See Republican establishment panic now!” I’m confused.

If the Republican establishment is trying to push us to Romney, shouldn’t we run the other way? Aren’t they the ones responsible for RINO-itis in the party?

The New York Times writes that Romney is pursuing a strategy of trying to make Gingrich look emotionally unstable. Is that fair when Newt hasn’t touched the Mormon issue?

Does the fact that Gingrich has renounced his past affairs and converted to Catholicism make a difference? Do we still believe in forward looking redemption or is he cursed forever?

Now Romney has indicated, according to economic writer James Pethokoukis, that he would embrace a refinancing of U.S. mortgages that sounds like Obama’s plan. He writes about it at the Enterprise blog in “Is Romney for a mass refinancing of U.S. mortgages?” Do we want an Obama lite?

Amid all these questions are rumors that Rick Santorum is thinking about getting out of the Florida race before the primary. Where does that put us then?

My headache just got worse.

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