Romney Suits Him to a Tea

When the Tea Party began to go on the march in the summer of 2009, Mark Skoda was a champion of conservative values and vehemently opposed to Obamacare.

Who would have guessed that two and a half years later he would throw away his adamant beliefs and endorse the father of Obamacare, Mitt Romney?

The Memphis Tea Party founder and talk radio host is 100% pro Romney and if you look at
Facebook or listen to him on the radio, you know he has backed the former Massachusetts governor to the hilt. Skoda writes:

While I am a tea party activist, I am also a pragmatist. I want a Republican in the white house and a Republican leader in the Senate…And having weighed in on these matters for the past two and a half years, I believe that Romney is the top of the ticket for a Republican win. Not so much that he is a perfect candidate, but more that he is a reasoned candidate with the money, organization, charisma and character to get the job. He doesn’t need the money, he is the husband of but one wife, his family is solid with no negative behaviors, he has been vetted in 2008 and he understands what Obama did and will do and he is positioning his campaign to beat him! Of course, he first has to win the primaries and become the nominee, but that’s where those who might embrace my analysis can help.

Interesting. And deluded.

Correct, he’s not the perfect candidate. Correct, he has money (so does Obama). Organization? I’ll grant him that. But charisma? He has all the charisma of John McCain on a bad day, minus the military heroism. Can you imagine a more whitey-white, Rockefeller Republican, Daddy Warbucks, pasty epitome of what most of the nation disdains than Romney? As they guys at Hillbuzz write, he’s as appealing as a cucumber and watercress sandwich.

Character? Is flip flopping considered an indication of strong held beliefs and perseverance in the face of opposition? If so, he’s got that. But from what I read, he has changed his mind about every topic dear to Republicans from abortion to gun control to health care. And would a person of character be so hated by his fellow candidates? It is said that he generated enormous contempt from his fellow 2008 competitors for being devious, sneaky and smearing.

You might want to ask Congressman Allen West (R-Fl) about Romney’s character. Seems a Florida legislator who is backing Romney is working to get rid of Tea Party favorite Allen West by redistricting him out of it. Nice.

Watch it, Mark, when you get to the part of only one wife. If you think his Mormonism won’t factor in the presidential race you are sadly mistaken. What’s he going to counter with when questions about their underwear, beliefs in sharing divinity and secret ceremonies surface? First it will freak people out, then it will frighten them before it becomes a source of constant “humor” in “hip” TV shows.

Skoda goes on with this argument:

Mitt Romney is just so damn competent, clear eyed and organized that no one else comes close. He is buttoned up, articulate and very presidential.

Buttoned up is true, all right. See watercress sandwich above. Who couldn’t be organized with the amount he has to spend? His hair looks presidential, but that won’t be enough to get a vote. Articulate? Seems he muffs things a lot as he did this morning when he told Soledad O’Brien on CNN that “he doesn’t worry about the poor.” That clip will be looped continually in September and October. What about his response to Rick Santorum in the last debate vis a vis Obamacare? Remember he said, “Rick, it isn’t anything to get angry about!”

I for one am angry about it and believe most Americans are, too.

Skoda banks on competency exclusively.

But he is also a studied and well-prepared candidate who has honed his skills while seeking the highest office in the land. And it also seems that it is that very preparedness and competence that results in labels which are derogatory at best and destructive at worst.

Does he know that Romney only won 9 out of 25 elections? I’m not comforted by that.

What Skoda leaves out in his endorsement is issues. He doesn’t talk about his stand on health care. He doesn’t talk about his pathetic 59 point tax plan that doesn’t do much of anything. He doesn’t talk about his plans to address unemployment. Why? Because he’s flip flopped so many times, Skoda probably doesn’t remember what they are. Skoda mentions his “conservative bonafides.” Well, what are they? I don’t know.

I may not be a bonafide member of the Tea Party, but I, for one, find Romney is weak tea. We’re dangerously close to nominating someone who is Obama lite. I cringe at the thought of him nominating Supreme Court justices. I just don’t think they’d be conservative.

I’m tea’d off.

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