Campaign Season

Many of us forget that aside from the Super Tuesday presidential primary on March 6 that there are other elections on that day in Shelby County.

Four candidates made there way to last night’s Midtown Republican Club meeting to talk to voters.

Steve Basar is running for County Commission seat district 1, position 3. Saying he wants to emphasize “prosperity over politics” Basar says his platform would be to “grow our business, boost education, reduce government spending and reduce taxes.”

The manager of OTC supply planning at pharmaceutical firm Merck, Basar notes that one our of four new jobs in the Memphis area are in the medical community. “We have a Silicon Valley under our feet,” he says.

Basar faces Marilyn Loeffel in the March primary. Learn more about him at

Two other candidates who aspire to be Shelby County Assessor of Property introduced themselves. They want to oust Cheyenne Johnson from her current position.

“I’m an Alex P. Keaton type,” said Randy Lawson, referring to his banking and real estate background. “I have the array of skills that make me qualified and I will bring these to reduce the cost of government. I’m the only one talking about doing that,” he said. The current system we have “costs too much and gets it wrong. Our current property assessments cost two and a half times more than other counties.” You can find out more about him at his website, He also has a YouTube channel.

The other candidate, Tim Walton, says he is “the only certified appraiser in the race.” He’s been appointed to the state commission by Governor Haslam. He wants assessments to “be fair and reflect what it is actually going for.” There is more about him at

Rick Rout, whose last name is well known in Memphis politics, is running for General Sessions Court Clerk. It was won by Otis Jackson, who was then indicted and replaced by interim clerk Ed Stanton. “I want to turn this office back into a revenue generating office. Right now it gives a $108,000 salary to a clerk who talks to his lawyer every day and interim who doesn’t do anything all day.”

Probate Court Clerk Paul Boyd also stopped by and said he will be a delegate at the Republican National Convention. He is on the ballot and asks that Shelby County Republicans elect him to go.

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