What Next? A One Child Policy?

The Obama administration’s insistence on abortion and contraceptive coverage in health care is truly scary.

The president has a malice towards life that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Remember during his campaign when he said he wouldn’t want his “daughters to be punished with a baby?” His attitude on the life issue was epitomized in that frightening statement.

Still, some Catholics – including our own local Catholic bishop – did not see this as an impediment to voting for him. So Catholics did. And they gave him the election.

Then, when the Health Care bill came along, some Catholics again misinterpreted his former statements and chose to believe that he would not force contraceptive and abortion coverage on them. At best, that was naive.

Now some of them have come to see how recklessly they acted. They have let the genie out of the bottle.

Even if Obama’s latest compromise, which really isn’t one, is accepted, he still wins. Just shifting the coverage from the hospital or charity to the insurance company proliferates this evil.

Why is Obama so obsessed with stopping Americans from having babies? Why is it the Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives?

It would have seemed absurd a few years back to think we were anywhere near the Chinese and their one child policy to stop overpopulation. Now it’s not unthinkable. It’s the next logical move after you take control over reproduction, a right that really belongs to God.

What comes next? Well, euthanasia.

The Catholic Church needs to stand like a bulwark against this. It’s a tipping point.

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