Faster and More Furious, Please

John Bolton talked to Dana Loesch on her radio program at the CPAC conference. Here’s Bolton talking about Operation Fast and Furious and what it means.

Last week Congressman Darrell Issa had given a deadline to Eric Holder that came and went. Issa extended the deadline which leads many of us to wonder if he blinked.

In addition, it seems that Speaker John Boehner is pressing the committee to drop their effort to get rid of Holder. That would be a tragedy for the nation and for slain agent Brian Terry’s family.

One reader of the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog that has been monitoring the scandal and has asked patriots to buy bags of fuzzy balls at hobby stores to send to Boehner.

Here’s Gayle Nyberg’s letter. You can send the balls to Office of the Speaker H-232, the Capitol, Washington, D.C., 20515.

Operation Cojones

An Outreach to Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner,

I have become increasingly frustrated of late, as you seem to lack the necessary courage and fortitude to pursue any number of actions that would lead the Congress to stopping the illegal and unconstitutional actions of this President.

Recognizing that perhaps your time in Washington has either removed or dramatically shrunk those essential apparatus from whence much courage and boldness spring, it is my humble hope that you will accept the enclosed prosthetic replacements for your own natural ones that clearly have atrophied to uselessness.

Please take these tokens and keep them in your pocket and at any time you feel the urge to cave in, cry, or give yet another pass to this budding tyrant, just reach into your pocket and caress these substitutes so you might be comforted in knowing you now have a big fuzzy pair.

Hope this helps.

Yours truly,

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