What’s In Your Lunchbox?

We already have Vikings asking “What’s in your wallet?” Now we have the food police asking – no seizing – what’s in your lunch bag.

The federal government has not been content controlling the light fixtures in your house, your toilet and shower flows, your internet google searches. Federal agents – yes federal agents! – are now peaking into your child’s school lunch. That is, if your child can still bring a bag lunch (in some cities like Chicago, it’s outlawed).

What’s next? Looking down your throat? Getting your DNA analyzed? Well, yes, actually, if Obamacare succeeds.

It all got noticed when a four year old in North Carolina took the lunch her mother made for her to school. She opened it to find a turkey and cheese sandwich, potato chips, a banana and apple juice. A federal agent at the school looked at it and, I guess, gasped. That is no meal for a child, he or she said, and snatched it away. In its place, the child was told to pay $1.25 and given chicken nuggets and some carrot sticks.

The mother was outraged and contacted her representative and the media. It has gotten a lot of attention, but not as much as it should. Where’s the outrage as Bob Dole famously asked? It’s an indication of how cowed we have become that parents aren’t ramming down cafeteria doors and demanding explanations.

How much more control of you can they get? How big is the government’s appetite for power? Unquenched, it seems.

Already snack machines have been banned from some schools. And what happened? Like prohibition, kids are buying junk food from stores and reselling it to classmates on the sly. More power to them! One can only hope the cool kids start defying authorities and do a version of Jack Nicholson ordering toast in Five Easy Pieces.

Will kids go through a Twinkie detector after their metal detector? Will lunches be X rayed to see if there’s a ho ho in there? Will mothers face detention if they are packing chips in a lunch bag?

It always starts out with the little things, the things too small to get upset about. Then it’s the books, the TV content, the places you go. It won’t stop until there is total control.

We’re so far from what our framers wanted. Even if the election ousts Obama and the Democrats, it will still be a long time before things are reversed.

However, I would like a taste of freedom again.

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