Words Heard This Week

Some interesting turns of phrase have popped up that deserve sharing.

Here’s a commentary by Ace of Spades on a new term – Red Neck Jedi:

With The Walking Dead back on TV last Sunday night, The Washington Post had some thoughts on Red-Neck Jedi And How They Bridge The Red-Blue State Divide. Now supposedly, a redneck Jedi is a “red-state action hero with blue-state sensibilities”. Say what? And what exactly are these blue-state sensibilities? Evidently they are this:

Dixon’s main selling point — for liberals, at least — is that he’s capable of changing his mind. Because he can accept leadership from other characters on the show, he defuses the central anxiety that liberals tend to hold about conservatives: that they are calcified in their opinions and deaf to logic.

That’s just too rich. It is liberals that are calcified in their opinions and are deaf to logic. Global warming climate change ring a bell? Democrats in Congress were not known for being bi-partisan when they were in the minority now were they? No, they weren’t. How many times have we seen Democrat leaders hold to their talking points and budget/tax plans while the facts and logic say otherwise? We see that all the damn time. It is ALWAYS the Republican’s that cave, give in to Democrats on legislation.

Maybe they should be called Blue Necks then, Washington Post, don’t you think?

We have all heard of the Marquess of Queensberry rules as they relate to fair play in war time. A similar new term for political war was used at American Digest. It came in the form of a scolding for Republicans:

Stop being willfully naive and be an effective soldier for your views. Stop rushing to talk radio so the conservative host can try and convince you not to raise taxes in a recession, not interfere in children’s lunches, not break up families, not advance the goals of America’s enemies. I know this is lost on most Conservatives because the world around the one characteristic of the Conservatives is a determined avoidance of conflict with the liberals. Better to discuss what the commie-libs are doing than to risk a fight with the commie-libs. It’s Conservatives students and employees that hide their views in school or at work. You can’t win while on defense. Commie-lilbs are always on offense, that’s why they control so much. If our tactic was working we would run their institutions, we don’t.

“You can return to Mayberry Rules when we win the fight. Right now we must play by Prison Rules, or lose.”

Mayberry as in Sheriff Andy’s world. Only we have recently found out that Sheriff Andy’s world was a little more “Commie” red than we thought since Andy Griffith is a big fan of big government.

A newcomer to our language was recently spoken by Mitt Romney at the CPAC meeting. Eager to show red state bona fides he told the audience he is a “severe” conservative. What does that mean? When the weather is severe or a condition is severe, it is usually means get to a place of safety soon because trouble is a comin’. Yet he peppered his speech with the severe word. Some of us feel if Romney becomes the nominee, the consequences for us will be severe. And not in a good way.

Talk radio host Mark Levin has another name for Romney supporters: Romney Zombies. If he’s that severe, he probably is a walking dead political candidate surrounded by brain dead supporters.

A local TV news anchor, Les Smith of Channel 13, doesn’t quite get the governor. He says Tennessee’s highest office holder speaks “Haslamese.” Could be or could be his accent; when he goes to East Tennessee he says one thing, but in West Tennessee it sounds a lot different.

I liked “Poison Ivy League.” Someone came up with that one to finger the top colleges in the nation for their messages about our country to students. In this case, the parents are probably a lot more itchy from the contagion than their offspring.

Vichy Catholics is a brilliant phrase. Too many of them inhabit the Church. The Insupportable Care Act – er, Affordable Care Act – seems to have brought them out of the woodwork. It may not be the living who punish them, but surely a higher power will.

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