Ash Heap of History?

Today is one of those days when it is hard not to be disheartened.

It appears that the country is failing on all sides. Who would dispute it? There isn’t a department that functions well. There isn’t a branch of government that does either. And there is no watchdog media to call out the problems. In addition, the culture is at the lowest point I’ve ever seen it. I bet you agree.

Energy policy? We don’t have one. Oh, we have plenty of energy in the country, it just has to be dormant to suit the political buddies of the president. Don’t expect lower gas prices; Obama likes them high. Remember when he said under his policies “energy would necessarily skyrocket?” You can check that off his list.

The schools can’t seem to crank out many kids who know the basics of history, math, science, English – you name it. If a teacher actually wants to teach, he is punished so that the school can meet its quotas. Heaven forbid anyone in this self esteem focused society should fail.

Banks aren’t too big to fail, nor countries, if they’re friends of the president. Many believe Goldman Sachs is the real power behind the leadership. With people like Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner in charge, can you dispute it? Have you heard much about Jon Corzine lately? The former Goldman Sachs executive seems to have gone off the radar. You try to lose 1.5 billion and see what happens.

Detroit can’t fail either. I guess not, if you can get taxpayer money to make ridiculous cars that cost $250,000 but only get $40,000 in sticker price. Without coercion, drivers would have left them long ago.

Post Office? They should be headed for extinction. They do a poor job – even subsidized – but we’ll have to keep encouraging their poor performance with more government money.

Food? Costs are rising and show no signs of coming down. Doesn’t matter since you can’t eat what you want anyhow. Some cities are talking taxes on sugary drinks; some are already doing it on “junk” food. At school, federal agents are taking apart kids’ lunches! You might as well sign up for a delivery of people chow that meets Michelle Obama’s standards since that will be all we’re allowed to eat.

Justice? Our Department of Justice is the most corrupt in my lifetime. Not a surprise really, with Eric (Marc Rich pardon) Holder. To him, voting rights do not apply to white people the way they do to blacks; Black Panther intimidation in Philadelphia suited Holder just fine. So did Fast and Furious. It was just a ruse to get rid of second amendment rights. Better not have to go to court locally. A friend was told her tenant could live at their house indefinitely without paying and she’d better accept it. No, don’t expect fairness from our courts.

That goes all the way to the top, too. Today I read that the Supreme Court may not rule on Obamacare til 2016! Why? Probably so that the right Justices can ultimately rule. Right now there are too many conservative ones to ensure the outcome they want; if Obama can appoint more he can assure they make the right decision.

Jobs? Business? Just don’t mention the 25 million Americans who are still looking for a job. If you don’t see them in the numbers, they don’t exist, right? Business – the answer is more taxes and more regulation. What a winning plan that is!

Congress? They cave at every opportunity. They have let unconstitutional, unelected czars take over without much noise. Presidential power on appointments has gone unchallenged. When the Senate stays in session over Christmas so as to prevent recess appointments, Obama does it anyhow and they let it go. Fast and Furious? I wish. It’s been slow and subdued.

Our foreign policy is disastrous. We’ve opened the door to Islamic extremist takeovers in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen. We’ve let Iran nuke up without a peep. For Israel, we offer no help. Victory in Iraq is being undermined, as is Afghanistan. Greece and Europe are going down the tubes and South American dictators are threatening us as we leave our southern border unguarded.

In our culture, today’s heroes are people like Lady Gaga and Brad Pitt. Gone are the elegant, patriotic stars with real talent and movies that promoted morality. No wonder more kids are born out of wedlock than ever. Self and fun are the headline acts with our young people.

The media that hounded President Bush over every death in Iraq, over every penny rise in gas prices, over jobs numbers that were below 5%, can’t find any problem with Obama. He can triple the debt, cripple energy and golf more in two years than Bush did in eight, but that’s not noteworthy. The hypocrisy is unsupportable.

Yes, days like this make despair attractive. Yet, it is Ash Wednesday. That means that there is a hope at the end of the season and the promise that good will win out. Good to remember in these perilous days.

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