Romney Won, Everyone Lost

Last night Mitt Romney technically won Michigan, but it was a very slight win. He edged out Rick Santorum by only 3 points. In fact, Romney failed to get even 50% of the vote – and this in one of his “home” states. It’s his wife’s home state, too, and his father was a popular governor. I’m underwhelmed by this victory.

That can’t be good news for Republicans if Romney is our nominee. Obama will surely win Michigan, an important electoral state. The unions will use Romney’s editorial that he did not support the auto industry bailouts to devastating effect.

Yesterday the Washington Post started the anti Mormon campaign going with an article on the racist roots of Mormonism. “The genesis of a church’s stand on race” by Jason Horowitz discusses the ban on black priests the Church of the Latter Day Saints has in its history.

The administration must feel confident about reelection to start the attack now rather than wait for an autumn surprise.

So Republicans lose with this win and the nation loses with four more years of Obama. This morning the president got two more pieces of good news. The final reading of the fourth quarter GDP hit 3% – an improvement – and Republican Senator Olympia Snow declared she will not seek reelection in Maine (did someone briber her?). That may tilt the Senate to stay in Democrat hands. Yesterday, too, former Democrat Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, who had declined to run, had an about face and decided he’ll throw his hat in the ring. That may have an effect, too.

Let loose to broaden his agenda with four more years, Obama will make the nation the loser. He’ll nominate Supreme Court Justices so liberal they will change the court and the country. He will tax middle class Americans to the breaking point. He will let Iran loose in the Middle East to do what they will. Obama will allow gas prices to rise to levels we’ve never imagined. Religions will suffer – particularly the Catholic Church – who dared to oppose his contraceptive rules. Even now, the IRS has been set on Tea Party and other conservative groups, giving them two weeks only to comply with their detailed request for information or face severe penalties.

Rick Santorum lost last night, but it looks like we’ll all be losers.

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