You Learn a Lot at Walmart

On a quick trip to Walmart, two shopping experiences told me a lot about the state of the country.

First, some guys were unloading drinks in the beverage aisle. One appeared to be from a distribution company, the other a Walmart employee. The topic was the high price of gas. I came upon the conversation in progress, but the one was informing the other about what we have to do to get energy costs under control.

He clearly advocated more drilling and referenced the Keystone Pipeline. He understood that we have plenty of resources available to us, it is just the politics that keep us from enjoying them.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear him challenge the administration’s priorities.

The second involved a purchase. I had sought out a toothbrush sanitizer and finally located one. As I find at Walmart and other stores, things are not placed in the most logical spot. I managed to find only one brand. It looked acceptable, so I purchased it.

When I got home to set it up, it dawned on me. Verification was on the bottom of the box. Yes, made in China. It seems you can’t buy anything anymore that is made in this country.

Perhaps our politicians need to hang out at Walmart more. They’d find out that Joe American is better informed and more intuitive than they perceive. They’d find out what’s wrong with our economy, too. When almost any item you pick up at Walmart says made in China, we’ve got a problem.

No wonder liberals don’t want us shopping there.

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