TV Blurb Says It All

This morning’s Channel 5 4:30 a.m. broadcast had something in it that caught my eye.

Amy Speropoulos was the anchor and she was reporting on Kroger. Under her image, the caption read “Kroger Sales Dropping.” I was surprised to see that because Kroger is now virtually the only supermarket chain left in Memphis since they bought out Schnucks late last summer. Seems odd that sales would drop when it holds such a monopoly.

If you listened to her report, it did not support the caption. She said, “The Kroger company is reporting a 306 million dollar loss. Kroger says costs associated with consolidating its pension plan for workers led it to post a net loss in the fourth quarter even as sales improved at the nation’s biggest supermarket chain.

“The Cincinnati based operator of Kroger, Ralph’s and other grocery store chains says it lost 306.9 million dollars that is compared with a profit of 278 million dollars a year ago.”

In other words, it had nothing to do with sales dropping. In fact, she noted that “sales improved at the nation’s biggest supermarket chain.” The problem for them is not in sales, it’s in union and worker pay.

This is just a microcosm of what the mainstream media does constantly. They don’t care if what they say is true, but whether it entices you. They are to make an impression on you and know that most of us aren’t paying rapt attention to them. However, they steer your thinking the way they want.

As for grocery store sales, it’s not important to any but business people. But when they do it with politics – and they do it superbly and continually – it does effect everyone of us. For everyone who is paying attention, ten aren’t and of those ten some vote. They can vote knee jerk and they do.

There is no journalistic integrity any more. That’s sad because the future of our nation needs an honest media to survive.

If you don’t find it even in a small story, you can bet the big ones will be shoveling misinformation big time.

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