Post Mortem Gift

This morning Andrew Breitbart launched his new site.,, and are now under one umbrella:

You could say he really launched his site in the most dramatic fashion ever. His untimely death – sadly – brings more attention to his chef d’oeuvre than anything else could. Friends always said he had an instinctual understanding of timing!

He writes that today begins the proper vetting of Barack Obama that did not occur in 2008 or even after. His first story concerns a play put on in Chicago when Obama was a state senator. It’s called “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky.” The poster for it is in bright Communist red; raised fists border the bottom and underneath them are the names of participants, including one Barack Obama.

Go to and read it. The few who suggested Obama might have a troublesome past, but were ignored by the mainstream media cannot help but feel vindicated. They – we – were right that the man’s heart is in a bad place for America.

Thank God one man had the courage to pursue the truth.

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