Uncle Sam? Try Daddy Sam

This morning while driving, I heard an ad come on the radio. It was one of those government sponsored ads, this one urging Americans to save energy. But it wasn’t done in a straightforward manner. It was insidious.

In the ad, a man asks a kid if he would like to go to the state fair. The boy, Billy, says yes. The man then asks if he would like to ride the new roller coaster. Billy again says yes. Would Billy like to ride the super duper roller coaster? Billy’s excitement grows. Would he like to ride the new one that even goes into reverse? By this time Billy is ecstatic.

Well, sorry, you can’t the man’s voice said. Billy is crushed. Why not, he asks? The voice says well, Billy, your parents wasted too much energy in their home and didn’t have the money to go to the state fair. However, he tells Billy that if his parents are energy conscious, they would have the money to take him to the fair and ride that roller coaster. But – they couldn’t do it this year. If they saved, the voice was sure Billy would go next year.

Isn’t that jaw dropping? Think how far reaching this little vignette is. The speaker is telling the son that his parents don’t care about his needs or wants; don’t care about allocating their money properly; don’t care that the environment might suffer. In other words, Mom and Dad are dolts too stupid to run their own lives. They had better listen to the government if Billy has any chance at all of living a happy life.

This example might be an outlier, except it isn’t. This kind of thing seems to be happening more and more.

Remember last month when the four year old in North Carolina had her lunch taken away at school because it didn’t comply with the government’s requirements for a healthy lunch? There, too, the child was being told (indirectly) that Mom (and let’s face it, by inference, Dad, if there is one around) doesn’t know what a good lunch is and doesn’t care. They don’t care if the daughter is humiliated at school. They don’t care if her body grows properly. Thankfully, the government does.

Before that, there was another ad running on the radio part of the “Let’s Move” Michelle Obama exercise obsession where a daughter is hunting for her mother’s keys. The mother sends her upstairs, in the bedroom and throughout the house on a wild goose chase. Mom has the keys all along; she just wanted the girl to get some exercise. The message in this one is that mom is devious and will lie to her child. Nice, huh?

For years Hollywood has been chipping away at the image of the family. The family in Father Knows Best has morphed into one or two young people who live together with one adult – maybe the parent – maybe straight or maybe gay – but far from the wholesome Ozzie and Harriet model. The smart alack kid has always been around, but now he’s in charge. Ever see the show “Shameless”? The father hustles for disability checks, drinks and takes drugs; the mother ditched her five children for a lesbian relationship; the eldest daughter has not completed high school and has the morals of a skank; one son is brilliant but into drugs, drink and girls; the other is gay and in a relationship with his boss; one girl is too young to have found trouble yet; the baby is half black and half white. They take what they can get at any opportunity, legal or otherwise. I fear they are more the nuclear family now than I care to think.

And, from appearances, that is the way some in our government want it. Let the family dissolve, let the kids distrust the parents and Uncle Sam then comes to the rescue. Of course, his motives are not necessarily in the children’s best interests. They won’t find out about that, though, til it’s too late. Another generation and they won’t even notice.

I have come to believe the progressives would like to implement a one child policy. Again, it’s camouflaged in your own interests. We see the creeping moves towards eliminating the handicapped or retarded. It’s already being done via abortion.

Uncle Sam has upped it to Daddy Sam and Mommy Samantha. It’s frightening.

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