A Call to Action

Edgar Babian, Shelby County Republican, sent this note out to Memphians:

Six of the state house districts do not have Republicans running in these districts (84,85,87,91,93,98). The deadline for turning in an application to run is Thursday at noon. We need people to pick up a petition to run for these offices to take valuable money from the Democratic party at the November election. They will have paid candidate workers at each of the locations and will probably spend $20,000 for each of these districts. It could be great impact in the upcoming election.

I ran for State house district 85 last time but have been moved out of that district and am now in District 83 held by Mark White who is doing a great Job for each of us. Please consider pulling a petition and turning one in if you live in one of those districts. We need to dominate all of the offices in the state. If you know a republican that can run please have them run for the office we are running out of time.

If you feel strongly about the schools the new school board positions for the new county school district also closes Thursday this is our chance to put good people into office on the board I am running for Position 5 the Germantown, Colierville area.

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