Liberal War on Women Hits Ann Romney

This snide comment by Hilary Rosen on CNN has hit the blogs and twitterverse hard this morning. Take a look at what she says about Anne Romney:

As a former stay at home mom (kids grown now), I can tell you that this lib woman has no idea what she’s talking about. It’s one of the hardest jobs and one that imposes selflessness in a way no working job ever could. You’re on call 24/7. There are no holidays. There is no calling in sick. There are no two hour lunches. There are no vacations. Even if you go on one, you’re still working.

It requires a mastery of many fields: guidance counselor, psychologist, doctor, teacher, car mechanic, economist, sometimes veterinarian, disciplinarian, peacemaker. There are no pay raises and no title that earns anything but disdain from professionals. Even with the money the Romneys were blessed with, Anne faced many worries, problems and heartache.

How have we come to a point where motherhood is disparaged? Can a country succeed without recognizing the basic needs of society? Look around and tell me it’s working.

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