Dems Escalate War on Moms

It now has become apparent that Hilary Rosen’s comment about Ann Romney was supposed to be an opening salvo in the war against her. From what I glean, Obama had been in on this plan and expected it to rally more women to their cause. When it didn’t he did a quick attempt to maneuver out of it.

Unfortunately for him, the Dems have let loose on their true opinions on American moms. The latest is this idiot representative from Florida’s District 36, Scott Randolph.

He just couldn’t resist the fun and rushed to tweet some more venom such as these:

Let’s be clear–Romney’s wife has no idea what 99.9% of women in this country go through. Neither does her husband.
How many house servants did “stay-at-home-mom” Ann Romney have to raise her kids. Just b/c u don’t have job doesn’t make u stay-at-home mom.
Wish my spouse had hundreds of millions in off shore accts gained by firing American workers so I could be “stay-at-home-dad”.
Romney should release all his tax returns so that we can see how many nannies “stay at home mom” Ann had. Release ur taxes!!
Totally false that Ann Romney didn’t have job–all those nannies, gardeners, cooks, drivers, in all those houses–If Mitt let her have say

Here’s a picture of the idiot:

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