Popular? Stewart and Colbert Ratings a Joke

Love this story from Breitbart.com’s John Nolte:

By simple reporting and exposing their dismal numbers, Big Hollywood has completely obliterated the ongoing media myth and charade that “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” represent some kind of populist phenomenon.

The media elite love their fellow elites Colbert and Stewart and so the media elite create a phony reality that claims that both of these left-wing, speech policing, Obama Palace Guards are, you know, actually popular. When the truth is that they’re regularly beaten by cartoons, reruns, and “Robot Chicken.”

Now, it appears as though the last refuge of “Daily Show” defenders have switched the argument to something along the lines of, “But-but-but Stewart and Colbert’s populist popularity is mostly online!”

Fair enough. Let’s take a look at those numbers, shall we?

Everyday, “The Daily Show” breaks individual episodes up into six or seven separate videos and publishes them here. Thankfully, for my purpose at least, they also publish the number of views each video receives.

Between April 11 and today, “The Daily Show” posted 14 videos. As of this writing, those 14 videos have received a total of 747,819 views — or statistically zero when compared to our country’s population. Or still not enough views to raise the dismal cable ratings to anything approaching the numbers a 2009 rerun of “Family Guy” receives.

For true clarity, though, I wondered how Mr. ClownFaceFunnyMan’s videos do in comparison to other videos, and not-surprisingly what I discovered is that even online, “The Daily Show” is far from the populist phenom our corrupt and craven media would have us believe.

For example, video was published on YouTube on the 11th and is not only beating every one of Stewart’s 14 videos posted on or after the same day, it’s beating all of Stewart’s videos COMBINED.

To be clear, I’m not saying Colbert and Stewart don’t have a following. They do. My point is just that their combined following represents about 65% of the following “Swamp People” enjoys.

The populist popularity of Stewart and Colbert is a media-fabricated lie.

Colbert and Stewart do the Left’s bidding and in return the left-wing media uses them to create political impact and would have us believe anything but the truth — and the truth is that whether it’s online or on cable, 99% of the American people ignore them.

Like I said yesterday, the game is rigged. The whole idea is to make the majority of us who don’t share the left’s values feel out-numbered and outside the mainstream, even though what they like is watched by less than 1% of the population.

Don’t get mad at me for bringing context to this story and exposing it.

I’m not ripping the clothes off the emperor.

I’m merely pointing out the fact that the emperor is naked (except of course for a coward’s clown nose).

***UPDATE: The Left is getting silly and desperate. Just received this tweet:

Problem with your analysis is that the daily show also streams on Hulu and a bunch of other sites — you need to add them all.

Hey, guess what else streams on Hulu and a bunch of other sites? “Swamp People, “Robot Chicken,” and all those reruns and cartoons currently beating Stewart and Colbert in the ratings. So it’s safe to assume there’s very little variance in ratings rank once everything is tirelessly tallied.

Moreover, Hulu only has 1.5 million subscribers, which means that even if every single subscriber indulges nightly in Stewart/Colbert — which is unlikely — they might bump their viewership to 1.1% of the total American population.

Don’t bring oranges to an apple fight.

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