M. Hollande’s Opus

French President Sarkozy is not doing well in the polls. Tyler Durden explains what this switch to the socialistic Hollande will mean for France: “A tax rate on the wealthy at 75%, renegotiate the EU fiscal pact, raise the minimum wage, impose more governmental spending, a decrease in the retirement age and a hostility directed at the banks and other financial institutions that may be described as combative or perhaps virulent and a complete change in attitude and direction from Napoleon’s strutting reincarnation also known as Sarkozy. Furthermore, no one is paying particular attention to the announcement of an upcoming EU meeting to propose reintroduction of border controls between France and Germany but it is a clear sign of Federalism on the wane and of Nationalism coming to the fore.” Looks like Greece, Italy and Spain have some competition coming for Europe’s worst economy.

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