Two Good Letters in the CA

Letters to the Editor in the Commercial Appeal tend to be from liberals. Why? My theory is that so many conservatives have dropped the newspaper that the majority of those who remain share the CA’s views. Kind of an echo chamber for them.

Occasionally, a letter from a Republican gets through. Here’s one from GOPer Jerry Cobb, writing about the business environment in Memphis:

Any time we hear politicians discuss their priorities, they almost certainly will begin with the need to generate more jobs. All will say, if we can reduce the unemployment rate to 5 or 6 percent, the economy will regain strength. There is much truth to that, but how do we get there?

Anyone who has spent time in our corporate, middle or even small business communities can attest to the fact that any substantial increases in employment numbers or business investment in plant and equipment must be the result of a stable business environment. This we don’t have, nor will we have until the political and workforce principles participating realize every effort must be taken to bring about this change in attitude before changes in economic security can come about.

Everything that has been done and is being done by government has complicated any recovery process. Every mandate and every added tax and reporting requirement is just another burden the business community must endure at the expense of every would-be worker waiting in the employment line.

Until government and labor accept the fact that a profit-oriented enterprise is the only avenue by which our economic engine can generate the new steam needed to once again propel us into the role of international leadership, we will trudge along as in the “slow boat to China” waiting for the inevitable ax to fall. This expression of common sense in evaluating our problem will give our economic community the resources to drag all others along.

Jerry W. Cobb

And Republican Amy Weirich, current District Attorney General, seeking re-election this year wrote:

As Shelby County District Attorney General, I was pleased to see that Memphis area religious leaders have stepped forward in support of our teachers and our community’s efforts to strive for the best teaching in our schools (“Church leaders preach education,’ April 11). Local faith leaders have done a public service in providing strong evidence that effective teaching is the most critical factor in improving student outcomes in our schools.

For those of us in law enforcement, we recognize that there is no more effective crime-prevention strategy than helping our children get the right start in school and in life. Our schools’ efforts to strive for first-class teaching moves us in the right direction, and we all should join the clergy and other community stakeholders in supporting that goal.

Amy P. Weirich

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