Meet the Candidates

At last night’s Midtown Republican Club meeting three candidates who will be on the August 2nd ballot spoke about events and their candidacies.

Steve Basar invited everyone to come to an important fund raiser he’s having Sunday, May 20th, at the home of John and Sue Williams, 2997 Ashmont Drive in Germantown. Mayor Mark Luttrell is honorary chairman for the event which takes place from 3-5 p.m. Suggested donation is $50 a person and you can call 581-8170 to make a reservation. We need Steve to be District 1 County Commissioner.

Charlotte Bergmann also urged everyone to get out an vote for her. Her opponents are Dr. George Flinn and Wilson Stooksberry. This is for the all important House seat for the ninth district. We would like to defeat Steve Cohen and boost Republicans in the House.

Chris Caldwell comes to the race for School Board District 1 with the endorsements of Heidi Shafer, Jim Strickland, Steve Mulroy and Sara Lewis. He’s a Midtowner with children in three Memphis City Schools including Idlewild and Snowden. He’s been in financial services for twenty five years and is aware of the large amount of money spent by MCS and wants to see it is spent efficiently and with accountability. Check him out at

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