Helping Candidates Raise Money

Conservatives have a new tool with which to challenge the money raising the Democrats will do this year.

It’s called ActRight. Here’s what they say about it:

“For too long, the left had made better use of technology online to raise money on a grassroots level for Democratic candidates and causes. Since 2004 democratic candidates from Howard Dean to Barrack Obama have raised over $1 billion on the internet. Barrack Obama raised nearly a half billion alone.

In 2008, liberal activist group raised over $80 million dollars online. The democratic online powerhouse has spent the last five years raising over $200 million to help elect democrat candidates to the US House, Senate and in states across the country. Their strategy has been simple: use the best technology and put in the hands of everyday people. It was a successful formula.

Republican activists have largely failed to adopt new strategies for raising money. But that’s about to change. The failing economy and awful leftist policies have created an environment where conservatives are eager to challenge the status quo. All they need are the tools for doing so.

Conservative activist Brian Brown decided it was time to create them. Over the course of his political efforts it became clear to Brown that the conservative movement was being out raised, out organized, and out smarted in the online world. The answer? To create a counter to the left that not only competed with their online efforts–but was superior to it. And so was born. considers itself the clearing house for conservative action. It allows any person to become a conservative PAC man (or Mrs. PAC Man). Without the hassles and intimidation of dealing with huge political action groups, any individual conservative can now create fundraisers for any candidate or cause they want, and share it with friends using everyday social media tools. It also has an action center where users can create actions and petitions. What distinguishes ActRight from other conservative fundraising sites is the freedom it gives users to fundraise for whatever is important to them, instead of being pigeon holed into funding something that was chosen by some special interest group.

To see what is possible using these kinds of tools, a great example is to look at what conservative talk radio personality Hugh Hewitt is doing on ActRight.

Hugh made a list of candidates on ActRight that he thinks are essential to taking back the senate from the liberals. Hugh has raised nearly $50,000 through 233 supporters for his favored thirteen candidates. Hugh talks about it on his radio show and people go to ActRight and can donate to one or all of the candidates on Hugh’s list. The process is simple and social and can be shared with others at almost every step of the way.

Not everyone has a radio show to publicize thier fundraisers of course, but everybody has friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Experts predict that online political fundraising will reach $4 billion for the 2012 election cycle, double the pace of 2008. Conservative online fundraising is a powder keg which is about to explode — and this time the advantage is ours. There’s no reason anymore for the left to be beating us at grassroots fundraising. With ActRight, conservatives have the tools to make change happen in this important election year.”

Take a look at Hugh Hewitt’s site at

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