A Peek at 1940

Since most homes in Midtown were constructed prior to 1940, it is interesting to search the 1940 Census records for your house.

It tells the name of the owner, their family members, level of education, employment information and ages of occupants. Indicative of the time, coming off of the Great Depression, is that even small homes had boarders. The house next door to us now occupied by a couple, was home to mother, father, three children and four boarders. On the other side lived a couple with their three children and her parents. The house has one bathroom and three small bedrooms. Today such an arrangement would seem inconceivable, yet that’s how they made it through the Depression.

Here’s the website: http://1940census.archives.gov/search/?search.page=1&search.result_type=image&search.state=TN#searchby=location&searchmode=browse&year=1940

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