Stooksberry Pens Open Letter to Voters

Candidate for the 9th District Congressional seat Wilson Stooksberry wrote an article in the Main Street Journal:

Dear fellow citizens,

In a few short months, we will be asked to exercise one of the most important rights, and obligations, of our citizenship in this great country of ours. And while each and every election carries its own significance, I believe that this may be the most important election in which any of us have voted during our lifetimes. It is my conviction, based on this belief, and the fact that no one running seemed to stand on the right side of the issues facing our country and our community, that has led me to my decision to run for U.S. Congress in TN-District 9 at this watershed moment in time. History has proven that the principles outlined in my campaign platform, formed by consulting with hundreds of voters in this district just like you, will restore prosperity to our community and country.

On the day I am elected to represent the 9th District here in Tennessee, I think you will quite literally feel the economic pulse of this community beating again, and stronger than ever; Because you will have sent someone to Washington that wants to unleash the enormous potential of this area, not continually regulate it.

Our country is at a crossroads, and this election will decide the path the country takes for future generations of Americans. The choice we face in this election is clear: We can choose to live in a society built around growing commercial and individual dependence on government. Or we can return to the society designed by our Founding Fathers, a society based on merit, hard work and equal opportunity for all. It’s really that simple.

But just because something is simple, it doesn’t mean it will be easy. It will require someone who will work tirelessly for their district and country. It will require someone who can articulate the message of common-sense values. It will require someone who can rally people around principles, instead of dividing us along political lines. In the race for TN District –9, I am the only candidate running that can fulfill those requirements.

My background makes me uniquely qualified among the candidates running for this office, as I am the only candidate running who has been on the front lines of the two biggest challenges this country is facing: the issues concerning our National Security, and challenges on how to create jobs and revive small business.

My experience is a key differentiator from the other candidates for another reason as well, and that is because it has equipped me with something desperately needed in Washington right now: the ability to solve problems. You can’t make it through special forces training, or in the opening of your own business, without demonstrating that ability. And the problems facing our country today are not going to be solved by putting off tough decisions through another election cycle. They must be faced head on. Solving those problems and getting our country going again is going to require reform on a large scale. We must once again make America the best place in the world for entrepreneurs, inventors and job creators. We have to simplify taxes, especially for middle-income Americans. We must have an energy policy that makes sense, and provides Americans with much-needed help at the pump. We must exercise fiscal responsibility, and stop the out-of-control spending in Washington. And we must actively work toward repealing every unnecessary regulation that kills jobs or hurts economic growth that has come out of the last few Congressional terms. (For more specific solutions, please visit our website at

Our sitting Congressmen, Steve Cohen, believes that “the era of the free market is over” and has stated from the House floor that the free market is the problem-cause of our economic troubles. If you share his belief that freedom and free-markets are our problem, then I am not the candidate for you. But If you believe as I do—what has been proven historically factual over the last two centuries—that free-market capitalism is what made the United States of America the wealthiest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world, then I encourage you to stand with me in the upcoming election.

This clear contrast transcends party affiliation, or whom you may have voted for in the past—and that is why one of the themes from our campaign from the beginning is that this isn’t a campaign about right vs. left, it’s about right vs. wrong.

There is so much potential in this community. What we need is leaders that will help us unleash that potential. This area has so much to offer, and my heart swells with pride each and every time I think about it.

And although we face a number of issues to overcome, this isn’t the first time this community has faced challenges. We have been down this road before, and the path to moving forward has already been forged. We just need to remember how we did it. At the turn of the 20th century, nearly 10% of the population here died in an epidemic, and 50% fled the City of Memphis. Lawlessness was widespread, high crime (much higher than in Memphis now) was rampant, home values fell drastically, and area crops were left to die in the fields. The city lost its charter, forcing it into bankruptcy. Newspapers across the state suggested that the city should be burned and abandoned. But instead of yielding to the pressures, the citizens of Memphis showed the resilience and self-reliance that would eventually define us. The city formed a merchants exchange to seek ways of diversifying the local economy. It devoted itself to keeping taxes low. Soon, the area population doubled, and then doubled again. Median incomes skyrocketed. Entrepreneurship soared, including one of the largest minority-owned businesses in the United States. Our commitment to improving life here transformed the city into an economic powerhouse.

We must learn from the past, both the mistakes and successes, in order to shape the future.

This is an exceptional city, in an exceptional country. If we can rally around the many positive aspects of this community—regardless of sex, race, social class, or political party affiliation, I know that we can forge a better tomorrow for the next generations to come.

I hope that you stand with me in the quest to restoring prosperity to our community, and our great country.


Wilson Stooksberry

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