Get Ready to Shell Out

In Midtown, in the heart of our city, you can take an early morning walk and hear roosters announcing daybreak. Maybe these citizens know something, because, according to Mindy Patterson at the

One day soon, America could wake up to a dozen eggs costing $8 or more. And unless you are involved in some aspect of farming or agriculture, you would never know that egg prices are about to skyrocket or the reason why. With food prices already increasing due to high grain and fuel costs, extraneous so-called animal welfare regulations are being imposed on U.S. food producers, large and small, by the animal rights powerhouse known as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

With HSUS’ vegan animal rights platform as the motivations behind crafting a controversial egg bill, S. 3239 was introduced in the U.S. Senate on Friday, May 25, 2012, inching U.S. egg producers closer to a mandate which would require them to phase out conventional cages for egg-laying hens and transition to a system called “enriched colony cages” by 2029, at a cost to U.S. egg producers ranging between $4 billion to $10 billion.

And while most Americans shrug their shoulders and live their lives, they are completely unaware of how this regulation will affect the cost of food and its availability in the future. The current egg shortage in the U.K. should be a jolting wake-up call for Americans, illustrating that the onerous animal welfare regulations which have phased out conventional cages there have caused egg prices to quadruple, while diminishing egg supply to a “crisis” level. This is a glimpse of what’s coming to America if HSUS’ egg bill becomes law.

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Can you imagine how many industries this would hurt? The bakeries would be devastated, the ice cream firms, restaurants, hotels, waiters, feed companies, even pharmaceuticals with things like flu shots. There would be many, pardon the pun, crack ups.

The American voter would be left with egg on his face to give these people more time in Washington.

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