Getting Snippy

Democrats seem to like having the U.S. taxpayer pick up the bill for their barbershop costs. Remember Bill Clinton tying up the airport in LA. and John Edwards’ $400 hair cut?

Well, our current president has continued the practice of trimming the taxpayer for his cuts.

The Daily Mail reports:

Finding and keeping a good hairdresser or barber can be a tough task — especially when relocating and attempting to find someone who can continue doing a decent job. But according to past and current reports, such a conundrum hasn’t been a problem for President Barack Obama, who allegedly flies his Chicago barber to Washington, D.C., twice per month to cut his hair. Despite this claim, which has been discussed in media before, it seems his barber, Zariff, is refusing to provide details about his arrangement with the White House.

Recently, German Public Radio repeated the claim that the barber, who has been cutting the president’s hair for nearly two decades, gets regularly flown to the capitol, at the tune of $300. Taken in their entirety, these trips may cost up to $7,200 each year. When contacted by the Daily Mail, Zariff was purportedly cryptic and refused to confirm the frequency of his visits to Washington. Additionally, he declined to delve into how the funds are allocated from the trips — by Obama or by the government.

“I get there. I keep his hair well groomed,” Zariff told the Daily Mail. “It’s not important how I get there and when.”

While it may not seem important on a small scale, the latter prospect of taxpayer funding for presidential haircuts, especially ones that include cross-country trips, would cause outrage among some Americans, especially at a time when calls for tax increases and spending cuts are commonplace. While Zariff wouldn’t delve into these details, he did tell the Daily Mail that he works diligently to make sure that Obama looks spiffy and “his best at all times.” He also highlighted that the services the president receives are oddly cheap.

“He pays $21 like everyone else. We don’t care about how famous you are or who you are,” the barber said. “Everyone gets the same price.”

So today’s outrage is a haircut. Obama pays a minimum for his haircut, but gets us to pay the tabs for his travels. Talk about a cheapskate!

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