Brother’s Response Defines Stooksberry

Wilson Stooksberry is running for the ninth district Congressional seat currently held by Steve Cohen. He must first win the primary on August 2.

His campaign received a note from someone questioning his candidacy. It said:

Subject: Wilson Stooksberry is a fraud!

….what has this guy done that makes you think he is a constitutionalist?
I think he is a fraud!! what organizations did he belong to?

What did he give money to? what has he gotten off his butt and ever done? I bet nothing.
Who owns him?
he looks like Romney!

I think they put him in to make us think we have a real candidate.

This angered and inspired his brother and campaign manager, Wade Stooksberry, to pen this reply:

Per your message, If you think it would be a good for Wilson to speak with this person, then please feel free . He can certainly speak for himself, in fact there is no one better.
But having said that, these comments touched a nerve with me, as I have been working some 80-90 hours a week on this stuff for months; So I would like to respond to some of her statements if I may (and you are welcome to share my thoughts with this person):
I guess I will start from the top, first on the allegation of being a “fraud” and “what has he gotten off his butt and ever done”. Well to start. Shortly after 9/11 Wilson came to me and wanted to discuss joining the Armed Forces. He was of the opinion that we (our country) didn’t really understand the threat posed to us by Islamic militants, and wanted felt an obligation to serve and protect his country. At the time, he had a good job, and was on the verge of a promising career. Frankly, I tried to talk him out of it, but he has always been a person of deep convictions and felt like this was this was the best way for him to serve his country at that time.
The career path he chose was to be a PJ- a “first responder under fire”; in other words, he wanted to try and save lives of his fellow servicemen on the battle field. This is the most specialized field in the entire military, and there are only 300 of them on the planet. Literally thousands apply every year, but only about 7 a year make it all the way through the 3 year training.
For the sake of time, I won’t go into every detail about what he went through to achieve the rank of PJ, but having talked to him throughout the process, I can tell you it was the most grueling experiences that I have ever heard about. I wouldn’t have made it 5 minutes, let alone 3 years.
During his time in the theatre of battle, he was awarded several accommodations for saving lives and acts heroism, but I want to mention one of those awards because I think it once again speaks to his level of conviction: The United Nations presented him with a medal for valor. He refused. He was told he “had” to accept the medal. So his did, and then publicly burned it on his base. This didn’t win him a lot of friends with the “higher ups”, and could have cost him chances to be “fast tracked” for further advancement. But he doesn’t believe that the UN serves America’s interests, so he was not going to have anything to do with them.
On the political front, predating tea parties or even Campaign for Liberty, both of us worked actively on the Badnarik for President Campaign (Libertarian Candidate a while back). At the time, I had a newborn at home, and really wondered if the huge time commitment that the campaign was worth it. But in the end, I felt like there was no better way to help my new child than to advance the cause of Liberty. I know that Wilson shared my sentiments.

As to “what has he given his money to”: We will be happy to go toe to toe with anyone on giving as a percentage of our modest incomes, both politically and charitably. We have both donated over the years to candidates such as Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Flake (AZ) West (in Florida), Bandarik, Barr, Jim Demint, the Tea Party, Freedom Works, ect, as well as a number other charitable groups such as St. Jude and certain church organizations (and that is just a few off the top of my head). Not to mention the incredible expenses that we BOTH have incurred over the last several months in this campaign, not to mention the opportunity costs (I have turned down jobs that paid much more than I make now, but it would have taken too much time away from the campaign. I am not complaining, I believe in our cause so it was an easy decision. But I think that is worth pointing out in light of these comments). Our money is where our mouth is.
Also, as you well know I was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and have been told by doctors that my time is most likely VERY limited. While there is part of me that wants to spend every second with my family, and “getting my house in order”, I believe that the future of the country is at stake in this next election. So I will be working to advance the cause of freedom and liberty to my last breath.
So in short… If any wants to bet on “nothing” as to what he (and by extension I) have done, then they will lose would lose that bet. In fact, put me down for any amount of a “bet” that you would like, and I will be happy to do a side by side comparison with this person (or anyone)
And as for who “owns” us: The two most significant donors to this campaign to date are the candidate (Wilson) and me. Not sure if that means we are owned are not, but I am not sure that will convince this person. Their mind seems made up.

Look. We have a communist who is trying to destroy America and shred the Constitution currently in the White House. I’m not going to defend Romney- He wasn’t who I wanted, and I didn’t vote for him- But I will vote for my shoe before I vote for Obama. At least my shoe isn’t a communist.
This person can disagree, and that’s what make our Democratic Republic great- but the analogy doesn’t hold any rational or logical basis.
And I am not sure who “they” are (I guess that would be me since I was the only other person involved in Wilson’s decision to run for office), but I will say this: we have been offered everything from money to favors NOT to run. My life would be a lot easier right now if we weren’t engaged in this campaign. But since I don’t see anyone running who can truly articulate the founding principles of this country, I feel that our great country can only work with engaged and active citizens, so is up to us to speak on behalf of Freedom and Liberty. I really wish there were someone else. Maybe if this person wants to run, I will support them.

I still haven’t seen one point made on the basis of the issues we have on our website and platform. I expect the name calling from the other side because they have no actual ideas or solutions, In fact, we see it regularly from the left and have gotten pretty used to it. But it saddens me to see it from someone who is on “our” side. But here is the real point of this writing that has gotten way too long (I told you, it touched a nerve):
The framers of the Constitution didn’t agree on EVERYTHING (you should read some of the letters between Madison and Jefferson, talk about some heated exchanges). My Brother and I don’t agree on EVERYTHING. And the goal of this campaign is not to only run for the people who agree on EVERYTHING. (BTW, if everyone were as narrow as this person, then Rand Paul wouldn’t vote for his father, because they have different views on foreign policy
The goal is uniting people around principles and not just methods; i.e. principles such as smaller government, self reliance, decentralization of government and standing up for the 10th amendment, free market capitalism, being a country of laws, not men, and following the Constitution, etc.
And we are going about this goal unapolagetically. If someone wants to only eliminate 4 departments, and we want 5, then we agree on principles, but maybe not methods. And once we are successful in reframing the argument to “how many departments to cut”, then I am open to debating the best methods out there. But in the meantime, I am adamant that we pursue this ideal of rallying around principles, and I will not participate in a campaign that does otherwise. The other side has been uniting for years against us- Communists, elites, socialist, progressives, one-worlders, corporatetocratists, ect. If we don’t unite as well, then all will be lost.
If uniting a diverse group of people around those principles means we lose some voters like this person, so be it- then I guess that we are not the candidate for them. Maybe the right one is Cohen or Bergmann- but I am not sure they can even spell freedom or liberty. But we will remain resolute in our quest toward getting our country back, and we are going to need all of the like minded individuals that we can get. And we also look forward to educating those with perhaps more “moderate” views than we hold. I wasn’t always as diehard in my more libertarian viewpoints as I am now. It is a process that takes time. We should WANT to get these people in the boat with us, so we can educate them on why we believe they way that we do.
Thanks for passing along those comments, and sorry about the length of my response. But as you know, this hits right at the chord of what I am so passionate about. We won’t win over everyone, but are always going willing to try. And no matter what happens, I know we are going to make a difference. We already are.

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