Not Really Pro Choice

The other day it was Nanny Bloomberg who decided for us that we can’t have a Big Gulp or extra big Coke on the streets of New York. No, no, no! Sugary drinks must be so tempting to people that the average American is overwhelmed when he or she comes upon one, loses his or her mind and cannot resist the temptation.

Enter the state to keep us from our base desires. If this goes forward in New York, you won’t have to make that decision of whether you want a big drink or not. The temptation has been removed. You can’t handle it so it’s been decided for you. Have a nice day!

Today we learn that Disney is refusing all ads for junk food. That means that aside from the parks, no junk food ads will be accepted on ABC’s Saturday morning kids shows, the Disney channel, radio Disney, online entities and anything that features the big mouse.

Disney is supposedly working with some of the major food companies to get them to lower the salt, fat and sugar contents and reformulate their products. This is a nod to Michelle Obama who was at a big event today with chief Bob Iger to unveil their new plans.

It’s all for the children, you see.

Because the parents are too stupid to know what’s right and too stupid to parent their children.

Aside from the obvious message that mom and dad don’t know anything (but Uncle Sam does, kiddies), what comes across is that you can’t be trusted with a choice. The liberals don’t want you to choose anything because it will show that they are not necessarily right. Not all people will have ill effects from eating a donut. Some of the skinniest people around go through life eating whatever they want and many never have any problems with cholesterol or heart ails. Time and again science has shown us it doesn’t always know what it’s talking about.

Secondly, if you never have to make choices, you never learn how to make decisions in life. A person, even a child, must learn the consequences of a bad action. When the government steps in and prevents it, the man or woman are precluded from making that discovery. Kids need to find out that if they go around eating french fries all day, the next time they step on a scale, it might not show a number they like. Then, the person has the choice of what to do. If he makes the right decision, he is rewarded, if not, he will have to suffer the consequences.

It’s a very deceitful thing our government is promoting. It is stripping us of the right to make our own choices and learn from it. This, from the same people who claim to be pro choice. It seems the only thing they are really pro choice about is your choice to murder a baby. They’re all for that.

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