Rout Asks for Votes

Rick Rout began his address to the Midtown Republican Club last night with a call for unity.

“Now that the primary is over, we have to make sure we all vote for Mitt Romney,” urged Rout, who is seeking the post of General Sessions Court Clerk. “But before that I’d like to be in office for two months,” he said. “September 1st is inauguration day for the winners of the Aug. 2 election. We need a clean sweep: Amy Weirich, Tim Walton, Steve Basar and me. We can’t trust Democrats to be in office. We know how to run the county. We have to run it as a business and work within a budget.”

Rout said, “The first thing I’ll do is to call for an audit,” he said, citing the recent indictment of a former clerk. He outline his other goals: to restore honesty, integrity and accountability to the office; balance the budget and ensure the office is self-sufficient; establish random audits within the office for quality control; and continue programs to combat domestic violence including the elderly, children and pets.

In the meantime, Rout stressed the importance of the Midtown vote. “Midtown will make or break my, Amy and Tim’s candidacy. So I want to ask you to walk a neighborhood with me and to get signs up July 1st.”

For more information his website is and facebook is ElectRickRout. Any donations can be sent to Friends of Rick Rout, P.O. Box 381853, Germantown, TN 38183-1853.

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